Rounded in nature

frangipani-2The frangipani is all curves. The tightly folded bud opening to the softly rounded shape of the petals as they circle out from the centre point. That delicious sweet scent that I can imagine circling around in the evening light, filling the air with fragrance.

I love my frangipani trees and at this time of the year I wait in anticipation of the beauty as they fill the garden with their presence.frangipani-1_Do you remember how I posted just a week ago that the frangipani buds had appeared. Well look at them now…


  1. That is still so pretty. I still want to get some when I go down south. I won’t be there until January. When I prune the plumerias, all the pieces get canned as new plants. I want to bring some back with me, even though they do not do well outside here. I want that plain white one!

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  2. Cuttings take very well. You can leave them for a few days before potting too. The white ones don’t seem to have such a strong scent as the others. But they are more resistant to the rust disease we get over here.


  3. They are stunning – and are always some of my favorites when i see them in bloom. i moved one small ‘transplant’ from Casa Loca to my new home a few weeks ago. it will be another year before it blooms, or at least during or after the rainy season…. it’s worth the wait! tomorrow i’ll be moving plumbago, ‘papaya de monte’ and moringa

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    • They are so easy to transplant to. I love Plumbago too I have a bush of it twining it’s way through my palms. Love the beautiful blue flower. I don’t know the other two you mention, I’ll have to look them up on google…

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