Pumpkin Palisade…

Jack has built, or rather put together, a structure for his beloved pumpkins. It is lurking alongside the bird bath. I call it a “Pumpkin Palisade”. The idea is to give the pumpkins a frame to climb up and to keep them contained and away from dominating the rest of the garden. They were rapidly spreading in all directions. The seeds were only planted 4 weeks ago. Look at them now…pumpkin house weathered chairs 017_5184x3888The western side is left open to the hot afternoon sun. They love it.pumpkin house weathered chairs 009_4153x3070Notice the “professional” way it is all lashed together!!? It was only constructed yesterday and the best part is the pallets were free. Good recycle project.

Just look at the tendrils, they have quickly got the idea of where to go.

They have a thick layer of sugarcane mulch and been given a big handful of Dynamic Lifter (chicken poo) and every evening they get copious amounts of water.

They remind me of the story “Jack and the beanstalk”.

Thanks Tish for giving us this idea. Tish is a gardener, writer and photographer. I enjoy reading her posts. Go over and say hello to her.


  1. Well, as we say here in the states Pauline, “who knew?!”!! (Apparently Tish did). Good for you for learning from a fellow blogger and for following up to implement her suggestion! Now you’ll have to share with us the eventual growth of the giant, healthy pumpkins!!

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