Changing Seasons : October 2018

Since coming back from Broken Hill I have had a month totally immersed in the garden. It has been perfect growing weather. In the 30 days this month there has been 12 days scattered through the month with beautiful, refreshing rain to a total of 143mm. The plants have thrived. The pots are increasing at an alarming rate and the garden is a riot of colour.

Come for a walk round with me… oct garden (4 of 35)_3606x2705Notice that the pots are appearing everywhere again. But at the far end of this gravel path I have an area around the pond that is perfect for pots. Come and look….oct garden (8 of 35)_4000x3000Careful not to step on the Alyssum, I love how it has self-sown, randomly, and is thriving in difficult conditions. oct garden (7 of 35)_3589x2692

No room to sit on this bench it is taken up with silverbeet, bok-choy and cress. Can you see what is creeping across the pond? oct garden (9 of 35)_4000x3000Yes, pumpkins. These are a couple of feral ones that came up from the compost I spread in this area when we redid it. Jack loves pumpkin plants and insisted they be allowed to roam and do their own thing. Remember last year? (see here) We pampered the pumpkins and they were a disaster… Next to the pumpkin are 2 tomatoe plants, again they have just self seeded from the compost. So I have staked them and we will see what they produce.

oct garden (2 of 35)_4000x3000At the other end of the back garden, in front of “Bali Corner” another 2 tomatoes appeared in my geranium bed. So we made a trellis of canes for them to grow up and they have done so well… oct garden (28 of 35)_3000x4000But, oh dear, look what I found yesterday morning on my inspection walk around…oct garden (27 of 35)_4000x3000I think the birds have found them and before they are even ripe.oct garden (29 of 35)_4000x3000So this is the solution, that should keep them away. Bit tricky for me to pick the ripe tomatoes though.

In the “Bali Corner” behind the tomatoes, the Hoya plant is spreading its joy every where.

Here are a few more views of the back garden before I take you round to the front garden…

A year a go Jack bought Desert Rose seeds on Ebay and he lovingly nurtured them along. I recorded their progress here and as they popped up  here.. Well look at them now, one year later… (He is so enamoured with them that he has just recently bought another batch. This time they are specialist double and triple flowered varieties… Watch this space…)oct garden (11 of 35)_4000x3000This is his other success story, the Buddha Belly. oct garden (30 of 35)_3000x4000Maybe you would like to have a sit down for a rest in the pond corner, I’ll bring you a cuppa, before going to look at the front garden…oct garden (3 of 35)_3000x4000I’m really happy with the front garden. We made major changes. (see here) Jack chopped down the palms that had previously created a shady garden and changed it to an area filled with light. So a drastic revamp was needed. Ferns, shade plants and many of the bromeliads were relocated or given away and I started a programme of planting more native shrubs and filling the gaps with annuals and perennials.

So follow me for a look around…oct garden (24 of 35)_4000x3000oct garden (14 of 35)_4000x3000oct garden (15 of 35)_4000x3000


Notice in the right hand photo the latest project? Yes now the palms have gone I am starting another vegetable garden…

oct garden (16 of 35)_4000x3000The nasturtiums are still rampaging all over the front border.

Remember the paper daisies? Well they are just starting to go to seed and seem to have topped out at about 7 foot tall. Here is Jack next to them for comparison.

It has been a very busy month and the weather has been perfect for working in the garden. But it is starting to warm up. The temperature climbed into the 30’s yesterday and the forecast is for more hot days to come. Summer is almost here.

Time to sit down again. Maybe you would like a glass of wine this time, I’m going to have one, it is just 5pm as I finish this post. I hope you have enjoyed looking around the October garden. I think next month will be quite different as summer sets in

oct garden (22 of 35)_4000x3000


Su Leslie of “Zimmerbitch” is hosting a monthly challenge “changing seasons” were she invites you to share the changing seasons in your part of the world, or something that means October. Pop over to see the rules of this monthly challenge.


  1. Your garden is an oasis, Pauline. I will be interested to know whether that net stops your tomato thieves. I find when they are eaten like that the culprits are more likely to be possums, rodents or fruit bats. Good luck. I’m envious of your tomato crop. Our plants haven’t gone into the ground yet.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I hope the net stops whatever is eating them. Don’t think it will be possums, but could be fruit bats. I can only grow tomatoes this time of the year. Once the humidity ramps up all the bugs and diseases arrive.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, you two…are just as lush and lovely as your garden! I am very grateful to have been taken around…and I also enjoyed the drinks and the quiet places to sit down for a while. Your updates are much appreciated!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A very colourful walk around you garden Pauline, and you’re so lucky with the rain! Such big tomatoes already! I hope the nets keep your mystery tomato chewers out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, blimey Pauline, I oohed and aahed my way around your garden, every photo is a riot of lushness and colour. It seems as though anything will grow in your little oasis. Thank you kindly for the sit downs and offers of drinks. I think I shall join you now in that glass of wine, already getting dark here (5:15 pm) and rained all afternoon. I did get to walk around a garden this morning though, but had to use the phone for photos as my camera SD card was faulty 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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