Seat Series # 2 : Palm Seat…

untitled-1-1_5184x3888To appreciate the beauty of a garden, time must be taken to just sit and absorb the sounds and smells, contemplate the combinations of colours and the patterns of shadows. Feel the passing breeze as it ruffles your hair. Watch the interaction of birds and notice the tiny insects keeping the garden ecology in balance. To pause occasionally and delight in the beauty around you is an important part of life.

So we have put seats everywhere in the garden.

I sit for a while on this seat, under the golden-cane palm trees, in the early morning, listening to the soft sound of birdsong swirling around me. The lorikeet in its rainbow coat of red, green, blue and yellow flashes overhead and settles on the Grevillea for a morning feed of sweet nectar. The fragrant scent of the Frangipani fills the air as a gentle breeze caresses  the leaves and flowers dance and sway to its rhythm.

Looking back towards the “contemplation seat” under the Frangipani tree.


I notice a minute native bee hovering in expectation in front of a multitude of beckoning stamens, spotted with tempting pollen. A bright blue butterfly briefly lands then flutters away. Far too quickly to capture a photo. The garden is alive with movement and sound.


untitled-6-6_3888x5184I look over toward this border and I admire the sweet-scented Wattle tree (Acacia Suaveolens) that wispy, dainty tree in the above photo and try to remember when I planted it. When I check I find it is over a year ago since I chose and lovingly planted this native in my changing garden format. Initially almost giving up on it as it was a weak and sickly looking individual. A garden needs time to develop.

Looking further along I can see the Brazilian Red Cloak tree  (Megaskepasma erythrochlamys) is just coming into flower. Very soon it will be smothered in bright red, torch like flower spikes, a sight to behold, and I will post another photo of it when that happens.


This is the second of my seat series. Here is the link to see the first “contemplation seat” . Periodically I will invite you to join me on another seat in the garden.


  1. I mostly see you tending the garden getting productive exercise or as Stan the horse whisperer called it getting your nourishment. I am pleased you wrote about the other pleasures derived from the garden.
    I too love the fragrant scent of the Frangipani but not the oder of dynamic lifter, it is good you time that for rainy weather. 🙂

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  2. On a day like today, your glorious garden is even more appreciated. The main sound here today was wind, bringing the “felt” temperatures to below zero all day. The sun was out, teasing us, but it was cold. So thanks for letting me sit and contemplate and enjoy the beauty!!


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  3. Such a lovely weekend treat to sit on your bench and admire your lovely piece of paradise.

    “To pause occasionally and delight in the beauty around you is an important part of life.” So very true. But why is it the moment you sit down to enjoy the garden you immediately notice something that needs doing?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend PP and Jack. Still awfully windy here, but at least the rain has passed.

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    • Always something to be done, but I’d rather garden than do housework. Hope your weather improves soon. After a week of showers (35mm in total) the sun, heat and wind is now back


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