Cyclone Watch…

Nature never stops throwing all her might at Australia, the land of extremes. After fires since last October raging out of control through millions of acres. Then, since the beginning of February, the rain came creating floods and chaos in Queensland. But thankfully putting out fires, filling dams and bringing life back to drought ravaged farm land.

Now there is another weather event on our doorstep, Cyclone Uesi, a category 2 cyclone.(see details here)

Tropical Cyclone Uesi will make its way through the Tasman Sea and pass dangerously close to the coastline of eastern Australia as the region continues to deal with ongoing flooding.

β€” AccuWeather (@breakingweather) February 12, 2020

At this stage it is not going to make landfall, but it is going to create huge swells, predicted to be 5-6 metres or maybe higher, creating fantastic surfing opportunities, but only for the experienced or foolhardy surfers.

Last February Cyclone Oma passed by our shores and I went down to the beach to see it. (see that post here). The weather is very different today. Last year it was brilliant sunshine, but very windy. Today it is grey and sullen with the torrential rain still falling. Another 150mm yesterday, now over 500mm since February 1st.

About 9am a break came in the rain so we took the opportunity to jump in the car and go down to the beach and see the action. The ocean was raging and crowds of onlookers had gathered to watch the awesome power of nature and the surfers that had come to do battle with the waves.untitled-2_5184x3888The “beach closed” signs were out and the normally pristine beach was covered with seaweed and debris. The high rise buildings of Surfers Paradise had almost disappeared in the haze. And the waves were pounding and crashing relentlessly. I take photo after photo trying to capture the feeling and raw power of the ocean.untitled-3_5184x3888untitled-4_4633x3000untitled-7_5184x3888Unlike last years blue and colourful photos it is almost monochrome this year.

Further along the crowds had gathered to watch the display put on by the surfers.untitled-8_4774x3647


It is hard to imagine the height and power of the waves in these photos. But look at this one.buddha belly journal art cyclone ocean 052Can you see those 2 streaks on the face of that wave? I cropped in to show you in this next rather blurred photo what they were looking at.buddha belly journal art cyclone ocean 052 croppedOn the right is the surf-ski rider who has just dropped the surfer on the left into the wave. The waves are way too powerful and high for the surfers to paddle out. So they are taken on the back of the surf-skis and deposited into the surf. Look at the surfer and imagine how high that wave is towering behind him.untitled-9_4419x3021Here is another surfer dwarfed by the mighty wave.

The break in the rain only lasted an hour and as it started to rain again we went into the surf club for a coffee. As we sat there we noticed this rather fool hardy fellow going to paddle out on his own. untitled-11_3619x2579We lost sight of him as he disappeared behind the breakers. I hope he makes it ok.

When we arrived home we had a couple of visitors sheltering from the insistent rain…untitled-1_4051x3684


  1. It really is living in Paradise,’even the bad times are good’ and the council rakes the beach clean as necessary.
    Our friendly visitors are always with us to cheer us up, they are part of our ikigai, that’s a new Japanese word I learned.

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  2. Goodness, you are getting weather too. It seems to be all the rage nowadays. Europe just finished with their crazy storm. You should see the pile of debris from the wind here a few days ago. I will post pictures of it on Saturday or Sunday.

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  3. Crazy surfers here too, but it makes me mad when they put others in danger, the lifeboat had to go out to rescue one chap who was taken 6 miles from where he went in. Love your parrots πŸ’ž
    Stay safe! We’ve another storm this weekend too!

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    • I think they would be experienced surfers out in those conditions Jude. Certainly not for the amateurs. But yes these thrill seekers do create problems for others. Oh no, not more storms for you. Bunker down again, hope you have a good book and stoke up that fire…


  4. Stunning photos, Pauline – thank you! Good to know you and Jack are safe and sound, and getting much needed rain. Yeah! The sound of that extreme surf must be tremendous. πŸ™€ Hope is doesn’t keep you awake nights, and everyone stays safe.

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  5. Just wow Pauline . No controlling Mother Nature :/ but fabulous to be able to watch at a safe distance . You’ve definitely captured that sense of awe and danger too . Love that close / crop of high rise city buildings and the surf rolling in xx

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  6. What crazy weather you have been having there in Australia, Pauline. The ocean looks quite chaotic! I can’t believe people are going out surfing in it. Those two visitors are a colorful welcome for sure in the midst of those gray skies. πŸ™‚

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  7. I would say foolhardy would be appropriate but having lived near the ocean growing up, it would seem that not even the worse, of what nature doles out, prevents those who love to ride the waves. Years ago I use to watch televised surfing out of Hawaii and it boggles the mind at how high the waves become and those who strive to be the one who rides the greatest of them all. Wonderful photos and I especially love the two birds at the end. Beautiful they are. Take care.

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    • I know what you mean about the dedicated surfers Renee. We have 2 sons that spent hours on a surf board in the ocean in their teen years. Now in their 40’s and 50’s they still get out when they can. It’s in the blood.

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  8. Nice story. I love the subject of surfers out in the storm.

    The surfers who go out in the big surf are likely attracted to the dangerous surf, just pictures of the surf and the storm on TV make the adrenaline pump and they feel the desire to travel and to go out in the big surf.



  9. Hope the worst of the storms have passed. Just heard from family in London that they have just had a bad weekend of it – all the way across the world!

    Thank you for sharing the awesome & fearsome captures of the waves. I am particularly captivated by the ones with the tall buildings in the background – reminds me of an ultraman movie shot!

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