20/20 Photo Challenge : April Lines #3

In Jude’s Photo Challenge. This month the theme is “lines”. Here is what Jude has to say about lines…

Lines are everywhere in our world. Just look around you. Seek them out to add visual impact to your photographs. There are lines within nature which can be straight or curved and man-made lines are everywhere in buildings and roads and even cars. Even a human arm is a line. (Go here for more information on the use of lines)

This week’s assignment – Converging lines. These convey a sense of depth and distance, try to have something of interest at the point where they appear to meet. Or position them on the diagonal to infer motion.

I knew exactly what photo I would use for this assignment. It was one I took when we were in gypsy mode, wandering around Australia. I find it almost impossible to realise that was 10 years ago. But that photo is hidden away in the archives of our one year trip in 2010, along with thousands of others. I could remember the photo, but not were it was taken…

So last night I spent 2 hours on the search. What a lot of memories. And I found many more photos that fit into this assignment. But not THE one. So then I went on to the 6 month trip in 2011 we did to Darwin. Then another 6 months trip in 2012 to Cooktown.

Finally I found it.untitled-3_4000x3000I remember being terrified that the outback train would come roaring through as Jack said “you need a point of interest”, and then casually strolled along the line…

This was another memorable time when we drove across the Nullabor Plains. It took us 5 days, passing through three time zones. The longest stretch of dead straight road – 1675 kilometres – anywhere in the world… straight across the Nullarbor Plain untitled-1_3264x2448Quite scary when the huge road-trains roared past, some had as many as 3 trailers.untitled-2_2866x2150This is the Snowy Mountain hydro station and it was of particular interest to Jack as he worked on the construction of it as a crane operator. That was many years ago.untitled-5_4000x3000Tunnels are perfect examples of converging lines.untitled-6_4000x3000Now for something different. This is the Brisbane art gallery and I found the setting as interesting as the paintings. What a job it would have been getting all those lines straight.untitled-4_4000x3000Finally I have added this one. It is Tyalgum, a small, rustic village about 45 minute drive from home. Where we had our art retreat last July. We are booked (and paid for) another watercolour art retreat this July. Thank goodness it wasn’t this month. I do so hope that things are getting back to “new normal” by then


This week Jude has shown us some beautiful converging lines in roads around different countries. Take alook here.


  1. Oh, yes- I need normal by July too, Pauline! Desperately. I’ve approached from an entirely different point of view but I also had something in mind, but ended up with something different. Railway lines- scary things at times! Another successful challenge post 🙂 🙂 Have a good week!

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    • I’m so looking forward to the art retreat Jo, the last one was amazing. So fingers crossed. It’s starting to look good over here for winding back the restrictions with no new cases today. 🤞


      • We start to open for business on 2nd May, Pauline, but it will be a very gradual start up and the borders will remain closed. No idea if or how it’s going to work. Take care, hon! 🙂 🙂

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  2. You were quite brave to walk along that railway line! It looks like there are little platforms along the way where you could hop off, but I would hate to be that close to a train roaring past. What a bunch of great photos for the theme of lines, Pauline. Good work! 🙂

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  3. Oh, my! My first thought when seeing the railway image was to shout at Jack to get off the line! I am glad he lived to tell the tale, but yes, it does make a very dramatic photo and I can understand why you wanted to find it. I got caught up in looking at old photos myself the other day, it’s amazing how you can lose yourself for hours! And the rest of the converging lines are also very powerful, the road train and the tunnel in particular. Thanks once again for joining in with me. And I hope you do get to your art retreat. Fingers crossed 🤞

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    • I found out later that it was the Ghan that ran on that line and only twice a week, but didn’t know what days when I took that photo. Fortunately we have plenty of time to indulge in the archives at the moment. I don’t normally have spare time for that.

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        • I know that feeling too. I tended to flit from one thing to the other, getting nothing really done. But have managed, in the past week, to finally focus on one thing at a time and get into a semblance of a routine. But house cleaning is definitely not on my to do list.


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