Changing Seasons : June 2021…

G’day to all my blogging buddies, I’m back to record my happenings after missing May, and feeling quite guilty about it.

May was a rather hectic month. Jack had his full knee replacement surgery and before that happened it was multiple visits for xrays, consultations, blood tests, the list just kept getting longer. Then it was a bit of drama when his blood pressure shot up and it was touch and go as to whether the surgery would go ahead. But it did. 20210521_142035_3096x4128

Then a week after his operation, just as he was due to come home, I badly injured my back and could hardly walk. I had to go into hospital for various scans. Fortunately we have a Granny flat in the downstairs area of the house so, with no stairs to climb, we were able to live there while Jack’s knee, and my back, got stronger. I just love our little, minimalist area. We lived down here, on and off, for 6 years while we were travelling. It brings back many happy memories of those times. Jack’s sons came to stay and help for a few days till we were mobile again. Now, 6 weeks tomorrow, Jack is walking up stairs, no wheelie walker or stick and my back is much stronger. But we are still staying downstairs as during winter it is so much more cosy than the main, upstairs house.

Just before all the drama began we did manage to fit in a visit to the newly opened art gallery, Hota (home of the arts) is a magnificent building and it is so exciting to have this state of the art building to showcase the arts right on our doorstep. 20210514_172657_3096x4128

The views from the 5th floor are spectacular and I’m looking forward to regular visits.

Fortunately at this time of the year there is not too much work to be done in the garden. I planted out the annuals ready for the spring display, and would just wander around a couple of times a day talking to the plants and telling them how well they are doing.

This is the first poppy to open, what a stunning colour, with so many buds popping up I’m looking forward to a spectacular show, if the winds stay away…june garden 068_3888x5184

The snapdragons are already putting up a colourful display.

And the Banksias just glow as the morning sun hits them. june garden 046_5184x3888

This is a new wattle, this is its second year, and I’m very excited to see all the flower buds forming. Watch this space…

These are a few more flowers bringing joy to me as I look around each day.june garden 037_5184x3888

The 2 houses being built across the road are nearing completion and they have a ring side view of our garden.

So it has been an interesting 2 months and I’m pleased to report that we are both recovering and looking forward to a more active life. 

I also want to share these photos of Pelican Lake, that is just at the end of our street, with you. The reflections were so perfect, the light so clear, as I drove by they just stopped me in my tracks and I had to pull up and take a photo, in fact many photos.20210513_09515920210513_095401_4128x3096


Hosting of this monthly challenge has changed hands. For many years Sue (Zimmerbitch) has taken charge and it has been a joy to be part of her community. But now she is taking a well earned rest and handed the reins to Ju-Lyn. I am so pleased you have taken over the hosting of this challenge Ju-Lyn as it is now the only blogging post I do and I love to keep a record of our garden and other activities. Pop over to meet her and maybe join in. 


  1. Pauline your post reminds me of how much we have to be thankful for.
    I knew behind those clouds that darkened our life the sun was still shining.
    but it was having you by my side that kept me p0sitive, you are my true sunshine.
    like the song you make me happy when skies are grey.

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  2. It might be winter down your way, but that poppy sure doesn’t remind me of snow & ice!

    Delighted to hear you & Jack are mobile and enjoying your cosy space and garden, not to mention that spectacular Hota – WOW!!! Such an interesting building, and one I hope we’ll see more of!
    Lots of love to you & Jack from hot & humid southern US. 💕❤️💕

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    • Thanks for the comment Del. I’ve been seeing the news about the heatwaves in your country. Unlike us you are probably not so prepared for them with aircon etc. hope you can stay cool.

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      • Thanks, Pauline! Yes, I’m able to use my air con. I’m on the other side of the country on the East Coast, but in the southern east coast, so we get heat and humidity. Always have had, from when cotton & tobacco were the major plantation crops. We’ve always had air con; elec. grids sized accordingly… mostly. 🤞 😉

        The tremendous heat and drought is on the West Coast – California, Oregon, Washington (state) and into Canada (British Columbia) and Alaska. I lived in California for a couple of decades without air con, but that was over a decade ago. It’s very hot but dry there. The farther up the coast you go, the rainier it used to get, before the loooong drought. Much of that region has been experiencing heat for the first time – they never needed air con until lately. Their entire electrics grid currently can’t handle extreme conditions… several of the reasons why I left when I did! A couple of my rellies are still in CA & I stay in touch. . .

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        • Thanks for the details Del. Yes climates are changing all round the world and we have to adjust to the changes. Aircon in our climate is essential, but does push the power bill up

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  3. Your garden is supreme as always and a real delight to behold. I love art galleries and this one is especially spectacular in its’ architectural build. I do hope you enjoy many more visits and so fortunate that it is there for you to go to. Glad you and Jack are mended and that he and yourself are once more able to pursue the things you love. Do take good care.

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    • G’day Jo, I was pleased to hear from you. I don’t get into the blog world so much, but occasionally I will wander through the reader to catch up with what’s going on. Thankfully “ changing Seasons” will be carrying on, so will be back monthly again🤗🌻🌺🌞

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  4. As always, it’s a joy to hear from you and see those beautiful flowers from your garden. I’m sorry you’ve both had such a difficult time, but Jack’s looking dapper from your photo here and it sounds as if you’re both doing much better, which is great news. The color of that poppy is marvelous. Those two houses are going to be so happy to be able to enjoy your green, green thumb!


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  5. Hello! It has been a while. I likely missed some of your last posts also. I just have not been following like I used to, with all that is going on. Your pictures are still so delightful, as long as there are no wallabies in them.

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  6. Your garden is looking so wonderful, Pauline. The banksia, poppy – awesome. The skies look clear and beautiful too. I hope you and Jack will be mended shortly. Jack got in to surgery just in time. Those houses across the road are so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of such spectacular views.

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  7. I am so very glad to hear that both you & Jack have recovered well. Here’s wishing you a complete recovery so that you can enjoy working in your garden (and visiting exciting places) again.

    HOTA is quite amazing. The colours and the architecture are so fun! And if that sculpture Jack is posing with is anything to go by, filled with art & installations which will delight!

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  8. I love seeing your garden through the year, so I’m glad that you’re sticking with ‘the changing seasons’. I’m also glad that you and Jack have made good recoveries, and am rather envious that you have a downstairs cosy winter home, and an expansive upper home for other seasons. Pelican Lake looks gorgeous.

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    • We were lucky to have the sons living not too far away Sylvia, and in jobs they could take some time off. We are both so much better now. And looking after ourselves again…🤗

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  9. Pauline, I love the shape and colourful art gallery, and, I would certainly be a regular visitor. I will have to wait for a few years before that happens. Your garden is looking spectacular and equally as colour as the Art Gallery. Hope the healing process is going well.

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  10. Yikes Pauline! What a time you’ve had. I’m glad to hear you both are mending well. Aaaahh, the delights of aging. Your new neighbors do rather hover over your garden, don’t they? I guess you won’t be doing any nude sunbathing.

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    • G’day Brenda good to get your comment and timely reminder about the sun bathing 🤭🌞. Yes good and bad things about aging. Ah well enjoy the good and put up with the bad…🤗


  11. Ouch!!! So sorry you both are under the weather. I hope you both recover quickly and smoothly. Your flowers are gorgeous. I found your blog under my followed cites, but never in my reader!

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  12. So sorry to hear about your back and Jack’s scares during surgery. I hope you both continue to gain strength.

    Thanks for sharing your photos of your lovely garden! The dazzling blooms and rich greenery always lift my mood. 😊

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