Changing Seasons : June 2022

We ended last month sitting and pondering what we will do next

We knew we had to make desicions and our life was about to change. BUT we were totally unexpecting how quickly that change was going to happen.

I am still reeling from the monumentus events of the past 4 weeks.

We started the month rather casually looking around at what was available, and found this apartment building for over 55 year old’s. Then 2 days later an apartment on the 30th floor was available, the owners had managed to find a place they wanted to move into nearer to their family. Did we want to buy it?

We totally fell in love with it. With the facilities, gym, heated lap pool, library, bar-b-que area, fantastic view, Click on the link to have a look around. So we made an offer and put a contract on it.

Now we have to sell our beloved home and garden. A photographer came round to take photos for the advertising.022_3888x5184

Look at that fantastic camera setup.


Then the “for sale” sign went up…20220622_111753

Then the advertising and photos went into 8 real estate internet sites. That is now the way houses are sold. Here you are ( click on this link) you can have a look through our house and garden. Would you buy it???

Within 3 days we had a couple come round for a look. I think they fell in love with it and they put an offer in. After negotiating they signed. …WOW…. The very best part, as far as we are concerned, is they are going to live here and renovate. 

The day we put our house on the market the house behind us was demolished.026_5184x3888

The noise went on for 5 days the house was gone. How sad. We had come to terms that could happen to our beautiful place, but really hoped it wouldn’t. So, my blogging buddies, we are happy and ready to move on to a totally different life style and new area to explore and friends to make.

We move on August 4. So now a major 4 weeks of packing 22 years of accumalated possessions/junk and going through our memories as we find long lost things hidden away.

Next month I will introduce you all to our new home.

But here is a last look at our garden this month.20220622_11184020220622_111937


I am so pleased I have all these months and years of “changing seasons” posts so I can take our garden with me and look back on it occasionally.


Thanks to Ju-Lyn and Bushboy Brian for carrying on after Su had maintained it for so many years.


  1. What a bittersweet time, Pauline (and Jack), but it sounds as though everything is working out wonderfully. I’ve immensely enjoyed seeing your garden and will look forward to whatever interesting things you both do next, because I’m sure you will be doing interesting things. ❤



    • Thanks fo the comment Janet. So much to do in the new location, so the blog will take on a whole new look. I really love having all my blogging buddies popping by. With no garden to maintain I Will eventually have more time to visit all my blogging friends again

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  2. Pauline, it is so heart warming to hear the excitement in your”voice” about the coming move! It looks like lovely accomodation and NO MAINTENANCE👏👏👏👏 Just think what a lovely abode for a family will be :delightful garden for kiddies to go on the hunt for leprechauns and butterflies. Just magical.
    Big decision Team, but it all seems to have fallen into place. Onwards and upwards – all 30 flights! Cheers🥂

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    • I’m wondering if I will even have pot plants. Not for a while. My pots and some of the plants will be going to our son, who has a lovely garden. So I will have visiting rights at his place. 3 young girls will be moving in here with their family

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  3. A pity to leave such a fabulous garden but a new life in the sky will be so different. I am glad that they are going to look after your place and renovate. A hectic Changing Seasons that’s for sure. Thanks for joining in Pauline 🙂 🙂

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  4. “Win-win!|” How beautiful that this moved forward in such magical mystical ways! Your new home is sleek and contemporary and oh so beautiful, and the new lucky people to take over caretaking those beautiful grounds – and lovely home — everyone wins!

    The photographer did a great job with the images – and that hands-up Buddha is adorable!

    Congratulations – happy packing!


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    • We are so happy Lisa. And my son will take all our pots and some of my favourite shrubs, so I will have visiting rights in his garden. I will be showing you his place in the future he has a lovely garden. And of course all jack’s quirky pottery will be going to his place.

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  5. Very exciting for you both. I think it’s wonderful that you’re both so positive about your new lifestyle. My sister and her husband are doing much the same thing as you and they’re looking forward to not having to worry about the maintenance of a large house and garden. How lovely that you’ll be able to visit some of your favourite plants in your son’s garden. 👏🏻

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  6. How exciting! Love the floor to ceiling windows and the views in your new place are to die for. Happy to know the new owners of your house will take care of it. Your garden will be hard to leave, but on the upside, no more weeding and watering! Congratulations to both of you.

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    • Thanks Cindy. That view is what made us fall in love with this apartment. Such a big change in life style, but we are ready to give away the garden maintenance to younger people. So grateful this couple and their 3 daughters found us. It was an alignment of the stars.


  7. Gosh! What a busy month for you both, and just fabulous that you have found a new place that you both love. It is great that your house has sold so quickly too! I don’t envy you lol the packing and sorting, but it won’t be long before you are fully into your new exciting life! Wishing you both all the very best for the move.

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  8. I was waiting to hear about your month quite anxiously, Pauline, but it sounds like it was all meant to be. It’s a bit of a change to be perched up there in the sky, but the place looks stunning and I’m sure you’ll be very happy. And then the sketch pads will come out for those views. Take good care, lovely people!

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    • We will certainly be perched up in the sky Jo. Jack will love it as he was a rigger in his younger days. Does seem so magical the way it all came together. I will soon have more time for my sketching and visiting all my favourite bloggers and catch up with all your travels. I see in FB you have been getting around.


  9. I would have bought your house in an instant (well let’s be honest, your garden) but not at that price! Yikes, houses are so expensive now. You do live in a beautiful place though. I am so relieved that the pots and Jack’s pottery are going to a good home, where you can still visit. I’m sad that I never got to stay with you there, but happy everything has come together for you. Good luck with the packing. We had a big declutter when we moved here.

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    • We will be in full on decluttering mode for the next 4 weeks. My daughter is coming over from NZ to help. After an incredibly dry month in June and I was having to start watering again, and it made me realise how much time the garden takes. But yesterday we had 32mm of beautiful steady rain with more forecast. So I will be leaving on a happy note and now will be able to let the garden look after itself while I pack. We will have that second bedroom if you ever get over here Jude….


  10. Wow, I don’t think I would ever move from that view! Congratulations on your new home, but commiserations too at the loss of the old one, because I know it was a difficult decision to leave. Good luck with the packing! It would be lovely to just wave a magic wand and move it all, why can’t somebody invent that?

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  11. It sounds a roller coaster ride, but marvellous to have bought and sold so swiftly. And now a new life ahead, with magnificent views. And maybe much more time for your art. Well done, Pauline and Jack. And happy new horizons.

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  12. Oh, Pauline, how exciting. Your new place looks a bit swish. Onwards and upwards literally. I hope the new owners treasure your garden. The inside doesn’t look like it needs renovating to me but I guess people like to put something of themselves into their new home.

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  13. Change is always difficult but it does bring with it things that are new and always a challenge. I’m sure you will miss your beautiful garden. I know I will. I, too, have put an offer down on a small single wide mobile home. I had my own home until 2015 and after emergent heart surgery I had to sell and retire. I did have a roommate for awhile but eventually, moved in with my daughter. I, presently, am living with a friend but do need my own home again. A big change for me at my age…yours’ as well…but I will be able to once again pursue my art and writing that I love and listen to my music as long as I wish. I look forward to seeing your new place. I’m sure you will turn it into something beautiful…just like your garden. Do take care.

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  14. Pauline, your home looks gorgeous. I’m glad it sold so quickly and easily. We did the same thing two years ago. It’s an adjustment, but we love it. I still miss my garden, though. Good luck getting through the next month. You will be very busy.

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  15. All the very best for your next adventure and enjoying your new home. Pleased to read that your daughter is going over to help you both transition from the old to the new. Look forward to hearing how you go with your shifting. Take care.

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  16. You are going to love those views–all the changing sky right outside your window! You must be so happy that your house and garden aren’t going to be demolished. I hope you enjoy the sorting process. It’s fun to revisit the memories associated with things but also liberating to shed them.

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    • We face north east so will get the sun rising in our bedroom. We are very happy that a lovely young family are taking over our patch of paradise. Whole new adventure awaits us.🤗🥰


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