Changing Seasons : July 2022

After a very hectic 4 weeks we are now in our new home. July just flew by.295630056_10229080953436539_3473161155536701628_n_526x526

Our house sold in 5 days. The contract was signed 28th June and the new owners were moving in August 4. So we had just 4 weeks in July to pack all our 24 years accumalation of “things” and a major downsizing from 2 story, 3bedroom house and granny flat to a 2 bedroom apartment.

Fortunately our son has a 2 story house with a granny flat so a lot of our treasures, we couldn’t bear to part with, are now stored in his place. The plan being we will slowly sort them out at a later date. (a much later date!!!)

He also has a lovely garden and he brought a truck round to relocate our pots and some of our favourite plants to his garden.

What a decision deciding what we will take. We soon had a large selection of pots and plants to relocate.

You will be seeing more of their new home in future blogs…

The neighbours gave us a farewell get together.

We finally managed to get everything either packed, thrown away or relocated and we were ready to move out. The removal van arrived at 6-30am 20220803_073208_1932x2576

This lovely flower arrangement, bottle of wine and box of chocolates greeted us as we walked into our new home. It was from Jackie, our lovely agent who sold us this apartment, and is also the manager here, so we will be seeing much more of each other.

Now came the mammoth task of opening the countless boxes and fitting everything in.20220804_060047_2576x1932

It is the end of a very long day and it is getting late, so we collapsed into bed, tomorrow is another day.

Just look what we woke up to…20220804_060131_2576x1932

It was like fairyland, spectacular. So our new adventure begins. I pinch myself every day how smoothly and quickly it all went. That was July and now we are half way through August. So more about our new home in the next blog.

I will end this month with the soft, delicate colours of a sunset as we see it from the 30th floor of our new home.20220806_172228_4128x3096


  1. You amaze me the way you have organised everything.
    In 14 days the apartment is ready to entertain our friends.
    Regardless of being handicapped driving me to doctors etc.
    Topping it off with this descriptive post,

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  2. I’ve watched the process on social media, Pauline, but nice to see it documented here. So glad you’re happy with your home in the sky. It must have been seriously hard choosing plants πŸ€—πŸ’—

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  3. That’s quite a feat, selling and moving so quickly! It never works like that for us. Glad you are settling in so well, it must be quite a change from your house and garden. I wish you both many more glorious sunrises πŸŒ…

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  4. I have been following your move on Instagram – you & Jack have done this so efficiently! And just like that, you are in your new home!

    So glad that you were able to share your treasures that you couldn’t take with you. I was telling Loving Husband about your move, and your beautiful garden paradise and having to move into an apartment. New chapter …. looking forward to following you on your new adventures!

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