A walk in an enchanted garden.


I saw it on TV, the opening of “the enchanted garden” in Brisbane, it looked so magical I decided we would go and have a look. It is just over an hours train journey to Brisbane. So what do I do to while away the time? Why sketch of course… As you can see the train was almost empty.

First we visited the art gallery, I always visit it when I go to Brisbane, but I am going to leave that for another post, because I want to take you along with me to experience a bit of magic.

After spending time in the art gallery it was 3-00pm and cup of coffee time The coffee pavilion in the Roma Street Gardens was the venue for a wedding party. But they were still serving coffee to the public. So with coffee and muffin in hand we sat and watched the delightful wedding party.

Just look at that gorgeous waratah in her floral display. The bridesmaids wore black.

Then into the gardens. They are magnificent. The hard work to keep such a beautiful display all year is done by over 100 volunteers and a team of dedicated, experienced gardeners. So first to look around in daylight.

Notice the little fairy in the tree? The fairies where everywhere. But that’s not all, dragons were everywhere too. See the one peeping out from the foliage?

We talked to a lady who worked in the gardens, driving the train around, and she told us to be early at the hub, where the queue would form. The light show was opening at 6-30 and groups of about 50 were let through at a time. So we turned up at 4-30pm. A two-hour wait. No worries with our trusty sketch books to keep us occupied and a mobile coffee stand give us a caffeine boost, the time passed quickly.

At 5-30pm I looked over the wall and just look at what I saw. With still another hour to wait look at the queue. They were expecting about 5000 to turn up. I was so pleased we had been told to get in the queue early.Brisbane art gallery roma street gardens 255Not only were we first in line, we also had a bench to sit on.

At 6-30pm on the dot they opened the gates, it was not dark only dusk but with great anticipation we led the crowd in…

The excitement was palpable. As we walked slowly round the light gradually faded and as the sky darkened the lights came to life. Fairy lights dotted through all the foliage, spot lighting on the trees in a rainbow of colour. It was magical. I tried to capture the scene to share with you. So wander slowly through this enchanted garden with me…Brisbane art gallery roma street gardens 309_3888x5184

Brisbane art gallery roma street gardens 319_5184x3888

Brisbane art gallery roma street gardens 331_5184x3888Brisbane art gallery roma street gardens 335_5184x3888

I also made a short video trying to capture the feeling of enchantment

What a great day out we have had. Feeling rather tired we now had the train journey back to the Gold Coast, but I was pleased it was sitting relaxing on the train and not driving to get home.

I hope you enjoyed this walk. I am joining Jo’s Monday walk group again this week. Interesting walks from eneretic people all over the world. Pop over to Jo’s blog to see where everyone is taking us this week


  1. It looks a beautiful garden anyway but those lights do add a touch of magic. Reminds me a little of Lumiere at Durham this year. The full show was a little underwhelming compared with previous years and I haven’t yet posted about it but the botanic gardens had a wonderland walk which was rather special. Maybe next week. Thanks for the memory jog. Wishing you and and Jack a peaceful, happy festive season. 🙂 🙂

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  2. It looks like a tree disco. I can not tell if the trees were having fun, or embarrassed by being done up so. Those dragons are kinda scary looking, but not bad compared to something else.


  3. The Lost Gardens of Heligan are doing something similar and we have tickets next week. I’m not looking forward to driving in the dark though, but impossible to get there by public transport.

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  4. This looks fabulous, they do this in Edinburgh at Christmas too (it might be a little colder there!) We were over on Saturday but couldn’t get tickets for a suitable time so went to see ice sculptures instead. Even colder!

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  5. What an absolutely magical walk through a proverbial fairy wonderland. Looks so enchanting and I’ve no doubt it was well worth the wait. Wishing you a bright and magical festive season Pauline ✨🎄

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    • Thanks for the comment about my new blog. Well a bit of a lifestyle change, no long time travels (been there done that!) now more of a home body, just doing short trips away. But I still hancker after the gypsy life, now-a-days I get my fix by following the likes of your blog and other adventurous bloggers. Also WP wanted $$$’,s to keep it going and starting a new one is free, for a while anyway….,

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    • Congratulations on your new blog, it looks wonderful, Pauline! Why did WP want $$$? Had you used all your GB allowance? That’s an issue I’m facing very soon …

      The sketch is great, you are so gifted. Awesome photos from this lovely place. Pure magic!
      Warm greetings from cold Norfolk. x

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  6. I am so delighted you reshared this post again Pauline.. what a delightful garden.. So much colour, and a perfect place for a Wedding!.. Just magical.. Even fairies.. 🙂
    I guess you are heading now into your Autumn.. Just as we are planting for spring..

    Wonderful this beautiful garden was only an hours train journey away..
    Gaia is just perfect in all her wonder of flora and fauna..

    Have a Lovely week Pauline.. Sending Love and Blessings your way xx ❤

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  7. hi Pomme
    i have the toughest time finding your latest blog
    your gravatar is linked to the old blog and at the top of that old blog is this link? but still not your current posts?
    anyhow – wanted to say hello
    saw your name on Janet’s Monday walk and had to drop by – hello to Jack for me too

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