Rain : Life giving water…

Summer has arrived early with temperatures soaring into the 30’sC and hot scorching winds sucking the moisture from the soil and dehydrating all the plants.

So out came the garden hose, again, for the daily ritual of watering.

Then last week, in the west over the hinterland, the sky darkened. rain (2 of 3)_4000x3000The frangipani flowers glowed in the subdued light. rain (1 of 3)_4000x3000Thunder began rumbling ominously and in the distance the lightening flashed across the heavens. Then it started to rain. Not just rain but a torrential downpour. It bucketed down in a curtain of water. I rushed out to rescue my seedlings and bring them under cover. In seconds I was drenched.

In less than an hour 20mm had fallen. It was chaos in the garden with plants leaning and drooping over each other. But slowly, as they absorbed the reviving rain, they stood back up, refreshed and revitalised.

When it stopped our resident Butcher Bird arrived onto the back deck. What a sad, bedraggled looking fella he was. rain (3 of 3)So though I have no photos of water, these are my thoughts and the outcome of torrential rain…

This week Patti is our host for “Len’s-Artist photo challenge” and she has chosen “Splash”

This is how Patti starts her challenge : I believe water is magical.  Its beauty, power, and persistence are unsurpassed.  It flows through us and around us.  It connects us to the past and leads us to the future.  It is nature’s mirror because it reflects not only ourselves, but also the degree to which we respect Mother Nature.in the form of water.



  1. Wonderful to receive that rain Pauline, even if it did come down with a hiss and a roar. We had 8 mm over two days, but it was so windy that the garden was as if it never happened and I’ve had to have the hoses out since. I’ve never seen a butcher bird look anything but well groomed. That one is a dishevelled fellow indeed.

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    • All that lovely rain is rapidly being dried out by the persistent strong winds. Just going to Bunnings to get more sugarcane mulch as the layer I put on about 3 months ago has nearly broken down. The rest of the family were all quite dry when they turned up, so don’t know where he had been


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