Len’s-Artists Photo Challenge : 2018, the year that was….

The year that I came back to the Word Press fold after a years absence….

The year that I “retired from gypsy life”….

The year that I made short trips the norm…

A week spent revelling in the glorious colours of autumn at Tenterfield

2 weeks “fly-in, fly-out” to the outback and exploring the fascinating culture and scenery of Broken Hill.

The year that I challenged myself with more art…

The year the garden was changed (with Jack’s help) from a shady, sub tropical green landscape…garden pruning 008_3000x4000

The year that I watched the transition of the garden through the seasons, enjoying creating a cottage garden…

The lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives. – Gertrude Jekyll

So on this final day of 2018 I wish all the virtual friends I have made through the fascinating world of blogging a happy and healthy 2019 when your dreams become reality and friendships flourish.


beach painter sunset 037_3923x3153

A big “thank you” to Leya, Tina, Patti and Amy for picking up the mantel of the photo challenge and providing us all with “Lens-artist photo challenge” a platform to share our photos and thoughts. I’m looking forward to the themes you challenge us with next year.




  1. I love these photos that showcase your year so beautifully. Autumn in Tenterfield is truly beautiful I agree. It was so many years ago I saw that but I have never forgotten that sudden burst of rich colour after driving through hours through the Border Ranges. Your art work is an inspiration.

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    • Tenterfield is so different to the Gold Coast I loved it. The year I took off from blogging was to find time to do more art work. But I missed the community spirit and the interaction with people from all over the world, so it was good to be back again, but not doing so many posts now

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      • Yes, I feel the same about blogging. I had a long break in 2017 but missed the sense of community. I’m intending to slow down the number of posts I make in 2019. I think I’ll do less challenges and mostly blog in a block of posts that look at a particular idea or place.

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  2. A great post you packed a wonderful year into this one and created a Happy New Year greeting.
    Your art work is inspiring.
    It is a real joy to have friends and you Pauline have so many because of your caring and sharing ways.
    I am so pleased you share your friends with me because you attract the nicest people.
    36 years ago I was first attracted to your beauty but I have learned since that your beauty is far more than superficial Happy New Year Sweet Heart..

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    • It has been a good year Jo. 🤞have to live each day as it comes now I’ve passed the 3 score and ten… enjoy your new home and I look forward to many more walks with you in 2019


  3. I’m so enjoying your cheerful, fun and interesting blog and our conversations in each other’s comments. Happy NewYear Pauline (and Jack). Wishing happiness, fun, adventures and creative joy to you both in 2019.

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  4. Pub Bolonjedh Da rag an Vledhen Nowydh!

    It has been so wonderful to have you and Jack back in my life and to join you in your Aussie wanderings and the creation of your lovely garden. I look forward to sharing more this coming year.

    (PS that’s Cornish for – “All Good Wishes for the New Year!”)

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  5. You have so many talents – and you explore them and develop them! I admire your sincere and determined work with everything you do – and I wish you and Jack many more such blessed years! Cheers!

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  6. What a stunning photo review, Pauline!! Wonderful photo galleries and most of all the very impressive art section. Image 253 reminds me of Hovis Hill, can that be? Wonderful memories. Wishing you all the best for 2019. x

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