For a week the forecast has been promising us rain, but all that fell was drizzling showers from cloudy skies.

At last rain has arrived.

During the night, heralded by thunder and lightening, it was torrential. Pouring like sustenance from the heavens. A life giving 36mm.

This morning the garden sparkled. Raindrops shone like jewels decorating every leaf.untitled-9_1567x1079untitled-6_1007x1354The plants exploded like fireworks extolling the beauty of nature.untitled-4_2140x3066

Like arms reaching to the skies in an expression of joy.untitled-11_3000x4000The garden is vibrant and alive and I can feel the energy, the renewed vigour that rain brings to the earth.untitled-14_2906x3738The colours glow.

After the heart ache and extended period of drought and the sorrow of bushfires at last some relief. The rain may not last long but while it is here, and it is forecast to last for a few more days, nature has chance to regrow and, hopefully, it will be a time of renewal.


  1. Some times I get busy but seeing you enjoying the garden and reading your blog reminds me to slow down use those garden seats and appreciate, savour the experience of this fantastic garden you have created.
    Perhaps soak up might have been a more appropriate word today.

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      • Where there’s been rain across the globe it seems to have been in large and persistent quantities. It’s pouring here again as I write this. We’ve had a complete season of repeated wetness and wind since the end of September, though are promised the first real dry, cold, bright and frosty weather of the winter at the weekend. Meanwhile there is snow in the Saudi deserts, and great dumps in Greece and Pakistan, and Arctic blasts in the American northwest. Very screwy weather all round. Hope your forecast rain behaves itself.


  2. Yay! We seem to have swapped weather conditions at last! You have the rain and we are due for a dry spell; as Tish points out we have had rain and wind since September and I am very fed-up. If only we could all have some moderation, but it seems our planet is not happy with us at the moment. Love your refreshed blooms!

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    • Had another torrential 77mm over night. Parts of the garden resemble a lake, some areas had 200+mm… a bit cooler today too. But will only last a couple more days then back to hot and dry. Moderation is not in Australian vocabulary


  3. It’s wonderful to see your blooms and plants taking on even more *pop* of colour after their dousing Pauline . Real rain drops too .. some folks have to get out handy plant sprayers to achieve that effect … so I’ve heard 😉
    Fingers xx’d for a balance in the rainfall coming your way x

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    • Australia not known for balance and moderation Poppy. Yesterday we had the 1 in 100 weather event. Some areas getting over 300mm in 24 hours and flash flooding. Fortunately we only got 100mm that swished things around a bit, but no damage done.
      I have found Ann Blockley books in the library. What an interesting and inspiring technique. I am also reading Nita Engle, google her she has a similar free flowing technique

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  4. I continue to keep one eye tweaked to your side of the ocean, my goodness, i am so sorry for how it appears to be in the center of a cyclone of ugly events — i can picture you and jack making the best of it all, tending your beautiful gardens and raising the vibrations of all around you…. just wanted to send you both a smile and a hug and know that i’m thinking of you – in good times and in bad. love, lisa

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    • So lovely to hear from you Lisa. Yes my beautiful country has had a battering over the past few months, now we are bracing for a cyclone. It has already been raining continually since feb 1 and torrential at times. Good news it has put the fires out and filled dams that were almost empty and soaked drought ravaged areas.Bad news causing flooding and chaos to transport. So far in our area we have escaped the worst, no flooding but a very soggy garden that we can’t do anything about. So plenty of spare time for art and book reading. Unfortunately our wild life has been devastated with millions of them caught and killed in the Bush fires, so very sad. I don’t do so much blogging these days, but will pop over to see how your corner of the world and you are faring.


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