Life in Colour : January #2 Brown in art.

Jude is hosting a new challenge. Each month she will choose a colour for us to search for in our life. This month it is brown.

I enjoy using brown in my art and I have a number of projects done in different mediums I would like to share with you this week for Jude’s challenge.brown art 004_3888x5184

Animals are one of my favourite subjects and I used coffe to capture this cute cocker spaniel.


Neesha is my daughter in law’s cat. She is an old girl with great attitude. I used colour pencils this time.


For years I have been horse crazy. My school books always had horse sketches in the margins. I drew this horse, in pastel, for my daughter. She is horse mad too and recently acquired 2 horses.

brown 024_3888x5184

Using sepia toned paper this kangaroo was drawn using a new sort of pen I’ve just bought. The “elegant writer” can be used for pen and wash and finished with a white pencil for highlights.

brown art 005_4992x3524

Architecture in landscapes is another favourite subject. This was drawn from a photo using acrylic in a water colour style.

brown art 006_5014x3532

Finally, my latest painting, just finished this week while we are again in lock down (but only, hopefully, for 3 days) I used gouache, a medium I have totally fallen in love with, I have not used it before.

I’m enjoying this new challenge and it has drawn me back into the blogging community. Take a look at Jude’s rules for this challenge, very simple, and the colour choice will be changing each month.


  1. You are such a talented lady, I love all your browns. The spaniel is so cute and the cat so perfectly portrayed, but I also love the kangaroo and your last picture – you are always finding inspiration. I am amused by your 3 day lockdown when you only have one case. It’s totally out of control over here, but people do not follow the guidance / rules as well as you folk do.

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    • Thanks Jude for running this challenge, it has sparked my interest back into blogging. Already thinking of what to post next Sunday.
      I’m really proud of how Aussies responded to our leaders request. No more cases over the past 2 days so lockdown is being lifted tonight, but still have to wear masks. I shudder at the numbers coming from UK, and USA is a reality show gone horrible wrong. Keep safe jude and hope the vaccine slows the numbers down


    • Lovely to hear from you Cindy. I’ve only been blogging once a month through the last year. But have decided to do do a bit more this year. Jack and I are home bodies now, but keeping well. How are you? Not much travelling these days.


  2. Really super art work Pauline ! You seem to get much pleasure and satisfaction from experimenting with various mediums which is brilliant . Your animal portraits are very expressive and so well captured with the catch light in their eyes …. looking forward to your latest posts I can see there 🙂
    xx Poppy

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