Changing Season : February 2021

Welcome to our rustic, rambling, overgrown, lush and leafy, end of summer garden.

After a couple of months when the focus has been on an early morning wander around to check the garden, then just basic maintenance. Before going back inside to escape the heat of summer.

February garden 038_5184x3888

To notice that the lemon grass is gradually encroaching into the fish ponds. That the tumeric now has 3 flowers. That Jack’s pottery chook is keeping an eye on the strawberries.

February garden 013_5184x3888

Round the front the plumbago bush needs a haircut and everything is looking lush and rampant.

February garden 033_5184x3888

Look at the size of the lily leaves and the Irasine is a glowing, expanding mass of colour.

February garden 032_5184x3888

It is an un-manicured garden, slowly natives are being introduced, but we have also invited many exotic species into the mix and they are, generally, more invasive and try to take over. So time to trim them back and get them under control. 

The growth this year has been phenomenal. A steady 216mm of rain spread across 14 days of this month

Checking on back posts in the blog. February 2020, 2019 and 2018, I realize what an incredibly mild summer we have had this year. Though in this area there has been no floods, just steady rain, no tornadoes, no fires. In fact no weather events at all compared with the past 3 years. Other areas of Australia have had severe floods. How quickly I had forgotten the severity of the summers gone by.

But now here comes Autumn. Time for pruning, rearranging and enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Everywhere work is waiting to happen.

But we did have a weekend away. I was excited to book an open air concert at the Phoenix Sculpture gardens in the Mt. Glorious area. I booked an Airbnb nestled in the rain forest. 3 days before the event the area had torrential rainfall that washed their driveway away and, being an out doors the event, had to be cancelled. So disappointing. But we still went away and had the most relaxed weekend in the charming Airbnb. Reading, drawing relaxing and walking in the surrounding rain forest.

The concert has been rescheduled for April. So something to look forward to. Here is a beautiful video of the Phoenix Sculpture garden for you to enjoy

I am now into the third year of keeping a monthly “changing seasons” record with the prompting and support of Su (zimmerbitch).

Thanks Su for hosting this monthly challenge it encourages me to gather my thoughts every month and be able to look back over the 3 years I have been keeping this virtual, monthly diary.


  1. You are marvellous,🥰 not only do you keep our garden beautiful.
    You find places like Mt Glorious and we experience nature’s stupendous awe inspiring garden.
    With secluded accomodation and all the comfort one could wish for.😎

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  2. As always, your garden is beautiful. I wish you could send some of your rain up the range to us. It’s so dry here again and things are wilting. I bucket water to a few things every day but they’re only just staying alive. Hopefully we get a wet autumn. Happy March to you!

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    • We visited the Phoenix Sculpture garden about 3 years ago when we were at an art trail weekend at Stamford and found it. The classical concert was to be held in the gardens among the sculptures. They are only open on sundays for the public. I love autumn, March is my favourite month.


  3. Another lovely walk around your lush, tropical garden. I’d love some more tropical looking, but hardy plants, but I also don’t want to block over the views we have. Such a dilemma! Time to leave the garden alone for a year I think and see what I like and what I don’t. As for going away for a weekend! Oh, I can only dream about doing that. We are still required to ‘stay local’ until the end of March and hospitality won’t be open until mid-April for self catering and mid-May for hotels and B&Bs and possibly restaurants. I am hoping I can take the OH away somewhere fairly local for his birthday at the end of May by which time we should both have had our second dose of the vaccine. But who knows? Things can turn on a sixpence!

    Glad you are both keeping well, and I am glad you still post these lovely photos of your garden and your trips. Love to Jack too xx

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    • I do hope that this vaccines are the silver bullet Jude. Pleased to hear UK is being so proactive with the injection programme. You must feel a little more confident about the future, and just maybe you will get that weekend away in May 🤞I smiled when I read you plan to leave the garden alone for a year, can we gardeners ever resist twiddling and changing things? 🙄🤭 We went over the border south to NSW on the weekend, and got back ok. No new infections anywhere in Oz at the moment and our injection programme has just started

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  4. A mild summer- last year seemed to be an endless nightmare, didn’t it Pauline? It’s still not great in our part of the world but nothing as catastrophic as those fires! Enjoy your autumn, hon 🙂 🙂

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    • We are blessed in this corner of Australia Jo, and I cross my fingers and touch wood as I say this, because we seem to miss most of the catastrophic things that haunt many other parts of Australia. I always look forward to autumn, it is my favourite time of the year.

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  5. The AirBNB place looks delightful as the time in the rain forest sounds. Although it’s a great deal of work, it must give you and Jack such joy to walk in your garden enjoying the beauty of what you’ve created. I’m happy I can share a bit as well.


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  6. Your garden looks wonderfully lush, as always, with not a spare spot for a weed, or not that I can see, anyway.
    What a treat the Air B&B was. No wonder you want to return!

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  7. Your garden is looking magnificent! I am also trying to include more native plants into my garden; it’s a slow process. What a beautiful and restful looking AirBnB you found! I enjoyed watching the video on the sculpture garden.

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  8. I do so look forward to my monthly visit to your garden of paradise, Pauline. It is a stroll through healing and beauty.

    So glad to hear that you finally managed a getaway – which looks so lovely. And despite the concert being cancelled, it sounds like you had a restorative break. And another getaway in April to look forward to.

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  9. Your garden has become a work of art! And what a relief for you to have a summer without any devastating weather. I agree with the other commenters about that airbnb–looks like my kind of place.

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    • The best part of this summer has been the steady rain. Our normal summer is the dry season and have to constantly water the garden. That Airbnb is the best one we have been to, and we have stayed in quite a lot of them. We will certainly be going back.

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  10. No greens from you this month – I was expecting one or two given your lush garden! I hope this is because you are busy doing other more interesting things than blogging rather than any other reason. And I hope the recent floods have not affected you.

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    • Hi jude, lovely to hear from you. We are ok, but rather busy at the moment, so blogging been put on hold for a month. Had torrential rain, but, fortunately for us, no flooding round here. But have lost a couple of plants thats roots were drowned with all the soggy soil. Lots of clean up now too as not been in garden for over a week….☹️☔️


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